Author Archives: Nicholas Vargo – My Big Undiscovered Obsession

With the past having had MySpace and the present currently being Facebook, it’s interesting to note that has been causing more laziness out of me in the last nine months than I’ve ever anticipated. So what is Flickchart exactly, you might … Continue reading

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Underrated Movie Memories: Strange Days

Strange Days Directed by Kathryn Bigelow It’s funny to note that long before she made The Hurt Locker, director Kathryn Bigelow was an expert director of truly entertaining action films. In 1986, she made her debut with Near Dark. Five … Continue reading

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Movie Review: Lottery Ticket

Lottery Ticket – *** Directed by Erik White We’ve seen many films like this one over the years. Films that are geared primarily toward black audiences. But only a handful of them transcend and cross over, and Lottery Ticket is one of … Continue reading

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Movie Review: Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World – **** Directed by Edgar Wright The idea of a comic book movie can sometimes be a blessing or can sometimes be as excruciating as any other bad movie in the bunch. But with Edgar … Continue reading

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The Top 25 Films of the Last Decade!

This blog entry was originally written on Facebook last year on January 18, 2010, as it was about the Top 20 Films of the Last Decade but I thought this would make a great first post, considering that I’m wondering if … Continue reading

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Introduction: Welcome to Nicholas Vargo and the Movies!

So after all the pestering from family and friends, I have finally created a blog to get all of my ramblings about movies out there. To all of those who were this persistant, I humbly thank you! So this first … Continue reading

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